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  • These 7 or 8 months have been a lot of fun to us. We made new friends, we saw players having fun, we saw players raging, we saw players trolling, we saw and lived through a lot of things. This run had it's ups and downs, but we will proudly say we haven't a single regret.

    Personally speaking, at first everything was weird, it was my first time in a free community and it is the most cancerous yet enjoyable community I've been in.
    The internet is no place for the weak and that is the pillar of…
  • Gear Changes :
    • Reduced Archer's atk lv. by 5
    • Reduced Sin's attack rate by 0.05
    • Reduced Wizard's atk lv. by 5

    Skill Changes :
    • Tidal Protection : Increases your chance to resist negative status effects by 50% -> 40%

    Game Changes :
    • Fixed Goldwing Phoenix bug where it dies too fast and bugs the dungeon
    Cosmatic fix :
    - Fixed the GFX issue with Devils Eye slingshot
  • IT IS FINALLY HERE.. THE PATCH! (first part of it)

    The reason it took so long is because of the recent event in which one of the developers went rogue, Striker had to re-do everything to make sure they has no access back in, and had to ensure there are no exploits left behind.
    He even re-did the whole GS (every update that included changes in GS was remade).
    In addition to what's written above, his internet was an obstacle like it has always been.

    We didn't really get to include everything we
  • first of all pls stop asking for patch everyday we will say its here when its here + not like the server is offline its still online and u can still play no one stopping u from playing. i will try to update whats really happening and the progress.

    things planned for are about 80% done.

    a cool new map nobody ever seen is being included with new npcs and mobs and a whole new farming system, its wat has been the most time consuming thing ever been done... striker has been doing that all by…
  • Hello, as our plan has faced an issue with false-positives, we've decided to cancel it and release a split program that does the same job.
    In parallel to that decision, we've also decided to create a custom gameguard (project started, no ETA) to replace the default pwprotection, which will increase our options against game hacks.

    Application : link
    Virustotal : link
    Source code : link
    More info about the false positives + screenshot of Premium Norton scan ( @Rokuro )

    Usage :
    Open client,…